General Dental Problems of Children

Children’s teeth are softer and thinner compared to adult teeth, which can be easily exposed to dental disease and easily damageable. Aiding your children in taking care of good care of teeth and gums could set up good oral hygiene practice for life. Parents always demand for best dental health for their children. Ever since the first teeth came, it’s vital to maintain healthy oral hygiene routine to stop most common dental problems. Dental-related issues are common in children irrespective of all ages, this is the reason preventative and proactive care is so significant. A stated by national children’s Oral health foundation, tooth decay is illness which is mostly seen in childhood. Often we ignore our children’s oral health requirements. Here are the most common dental problems that children experience:

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the most general dental disease that influences children of all ages. Due to bacteria staying on the teeth tooth decay is occurring. These bacteria turn sugars of food and drinks into the acids that can weaken the teeth over time, resulting to cavities. Tooth decay may be treated in its initial phase with the help of fluoride treatments and improving oral hygiene. If a cavity has already existed, your dentist can restore it with a white filling. If decay is left unaddressed, a tooth could become too damaged to save and it may need to be extracted. Most young children aren’t skilled at brushing and flossing without guidance. Parents should guide and aid their kids to brushing teeth until they control a toothbrush on their own. Ensuring that your children are removing plaque, bacteria, and food particles from their teeth daily will assist stop initial tooth decay.

Gum Disease

You may have believed that gum disease is a dental problem found in adults. Unluckily for parents, this is not the case. Gingivitis and gum disease can take place in children and are actually quite normal in pediatric dental patients. If your child’s gum seems to be red or swollen, feel itchy, bleed when brushed, these could be indication that gingivitis is existed. Gum disease is more aggressive in children with bad oral hygiene. It includes pain in the mouth and areas of swelling. In most instances, gingivitis and gum disease can have been prevented if more care was taken during brush and floss daily.

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can take place at any time. While playing sports, or falling while riding bike, these are the situations in which dental related accident can occur. These accidents can lead to teeth cracking. If your kid’s permanent tooth does fall out, quickly call the dentist for an appointment and restore the tooth. Custom mouthguard is a better choice to help prevent sports-related injuries.

Orthodontic Problems

Children not often have perfectly straight teeth. Fortunately, there are many orthodontic treatments exist to aid your child to gain smile with confidence. Orthodontic problems are often genetics, size and shape of the jaw playing a role in how your child’s teeth grow and come together. Some general misalignment problems found in kids include overbite, underbite, open bite, and spacing problems. It’s a right idea for your kids to have first orthodontic appointment around the age of seven or eight. Orthodontic problems can mean more than just a crooked smile. Significant overcrowding and misalignments of your child’s teeth can result in jaw problems, cracked teeth, and oral hygiene issues.

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