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Digital Smile Design® is just that – Digital smile design. Wollongong residents can experience modern dentistry that brings the latest in technology allowing us to create exactly the kind of smile you would love to have. Working as a digital 3D impression scanner, we can identify the ways to enhance your smile and inform a treatment pathway to straighter teeth, improved biting and chewing function, as well as a beautiful smile.

Digital Smile Design® FAQ

On the fence about how effective Digital Smile Design® really is? Let us answer the most frequently asked questions our patients ask right here.
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Who should use Digital Smile Design®?

Most people don’t realise how flexible Digital Smile Design® is. While it is used as a tool to identify suitable treatments, it is also ideal for educating patients about the connection between their oral and general health. Typically, Digital Smile Design® is used to:

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Is Digital Smile Design® safe technology?

Digital Smile Design® is completely safe technology. It is pain-free and many patients even find it fun to watch how they can gain a glimpse into the future of their smile. The scanner analyses facial and dental features using digital photography and video. Using the 3D image that is generated, we can explain how teeth, gums, lips and other facial features affect your overall appearance and function. From there, a tailored dental treatment plan is developed, providing you with options for moving forward.

One of the main advantages of this technology is you can see the way a transformation can occur before you make a decision to proceed. This provides confidence to us as treatment professionals, but more importantly, it supports you to proceed with the treatment that is right for you.

Is smile design right for me?

Digital Smile Design® brings the very best in technology to dental care. We love that it benefits our patients by:

A Digital Smile Design® consultation takes around half an hour, with the final design complete about a week later.

Thinking of smile design? Wollongong your home? Then getting started is easy. Simply book your appointment with us. We’ll prepare photos and a video of your teeth, mouth and face. We’ll follow this up with a digital impression of your teeth to match facial photos. Using a process that is very similar to facial mapping, we design your smile.

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