Guided Implant Surgery
Minimally invasive, safe and affordable

Guided implant surgery

Guided Implant Surgery Minimally invasive, safe and affordable ​

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Guided implant surgery

Guided implant surgery with a trained and experienced dentist in Dapto Family Dental’s modern and beautifully appointed practice will instil confidence even in the most anxious patient. We offer our patients a choice of pain management and sedation options so your experience is both manageable and comfortable, from diagnosis to completion treatment.

While many patients may have disregarded dental implant treatment because of concerns about pain, guided implant surgery has advanced this treatment so significantly that it can be delivered in a minimally invasive way and virtually pain free. This makes it preferable to other less advanced options.

What is guided implant surgery and why have it??

Guided implant surgery uses a computer to position implants into the jaw, rather than rely on a ‘best estimate’, sight, or experience of the clinician. Although all surgical procedures carry risk, including guided implant surgery, it does allow for a more precise placement of implants.

Dental implants require that a metal plant is placed into the jaw bone near nerves and other jaw structures. Taking care to ensure the implant is positioned optimally is critical to avoid infection or other complications. Guided implant surgery makes this possible.

At Dapto Family Dental, we use only the latest technology. For dental implants, this is MGuard – a guided implant system. MGuard is delivered over a number of stages.

The advanced MGuard system makes the experience of dental implant surgery more accurate and easier for the patient to manage. Many patients find the procedure is quick and painless; they wonder why they were ever concerned. With technology like this, there is no reason at all to endure the embarrassment or discomfort of missing teeth, or to risk bone loss or deterioration. This treatment allows you to reclaim vital biting and chewing functions that make life simply enjoyable.

Guided implant surgery with a dentist in Dapto

Want dental implants and looking for a dentist in Dapto, Unanderra, Albion Park, Warilla, Kanahooka, or Horsley? Come and talk to us about affordable, manageable, and life changing guided implant surgery and get your smile back.

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