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Over Dentures

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Slipping dentures can be a thing of the past with improved dental technology available as over dentures. Instead of loose, removable, and often incredibly uncomfortable dentures, over dentures are secured to your gums with dental implants. Also referred to as implant supported dentures, over dentures are a solution of the problem most denture wearers experience – discomfort, embarrassment, and a loss of the simple joys of life.

Here are just a few of the benefits of over dentures
We are committed to helping our patients enjoy their very best oral health and providing this value treatment to our community is helping us fulfil this mission. Don’t wait another day to discuss your options with us. Some patients can even use their existing dentures, making over dentures more cost effective.

What’s involved with over dentures?

All dental implant surgery at Dapto Family Dental commences with a full assessment of your needs by our team. Treatment options are based on gathering digital imagery, x-rays, and facial images. We use the latest in guided implant surgery, the MGuard system, which allows for the implants onto which the over dentures are fixed, to be positioned and secured to the jaw in a minimally invasive and precise manner. Healing time from this surgery varies between three and six months, after which abutments or posts are connected to the implants. We will modify the denture so it sits correctly over the implants. Unlike traditional dentures, there is no movement because the denture is fitted to the implant posts, however they can be removed for cleaning.

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