Single and multiple tooth implants
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Single and multiple tooth implants

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Living with a missing tooth or teeth means that some people are putting themselves at risk of serious jaw bone loss or deterioration. While the loss of teeth doesn’t limit you in the way other conditions do, over time, it can have an effect on simple things in life that are often taken for granted – biting into a favourite food, chewing with ease, or even smiling with confidence in a family photo. There are other more serious consequences too. Did you know that tooth loss can lead to other issues? Jaw pain and headaches are just two examples, and like many dental issues, if they are allowed to go unchecked, they can become more complex and expensive to resolve.

Yes, dental implants are a form of restorative dentistry in that they can restore bite and chew functions, but they do much more. Dental implants for a single tooth or multiple teeth can help avoid bone loss, prevent surrounding teeth from being damaged, and reduce concerns about tooth decay. It’s also common to hear a patient’s confidence returns after dental implant surgery.

At Dapto Family Dental we can help you regain your enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures with both single and multiple tooth implants.

Single tooth implants

The loss of even one tooth can impact on how you experience biting, chewing, and more. With our commitment to the very latest in modern dental technology, we will safely – using a minimally invasive technique – place the dental implant into the jaw and after the required healing time, place a crown on the implant; essentially creating a strong, functional, and natural looking tooth.

Multiple tooth implants

Multiple tooth implants are the same as single tooth implants, with the only difference being they are placed in the jaw with individual crowns or a bridge with multiple crowns. This is an ideal solution if you have lost two or three teeth and want to restore function and prevent other issues emerging in future. We appreciate that dental implants represent an investment and offer our patients flexible payment options so you can receive the treatment when you need it. Getting your smile back is well within reach and easier than you think at Dapto Family Dental.

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