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Preventative Dentistry

Providing preventative dentistry at every stage of your dental journey

When it comes to preventative dentistry, the team at Dapto Family Dental is here for all your family’s dental needs. Did you know that daily brushing and flossing at home should be complemented with regular visits to your dentist for a professional clean? This is a vital part of an overall preventative maintenance program that will keep your oral health in good shape and identify any issues before they become more significant – and often vastly more expensive problems.

When you come to us for your regular preventative dentistry hygiene appointment – or a regular check and clean – here’s what you can expect:
We commit to taking a holistic approach to your oral health and consider factors like lifestyle and your general health that impact on your general health. We will even consult with other clinicians to ensure you receive the very best care.

How is our preventative dentistry different?

With so many options, how do you know which dental clinic is right for you? We’re big believers in the power of people, and it’s why we are thrilled to have a strong oral hygiene team that includes a dental hygienist and oral health therapist, both of whom are Australian trained and between them qualified to:

Understanding that some patients feel anxious or concerned about visiting the dentist, we’ve taken important steps to implement measures that not only reduce these fears, but also make the experience a more enjoyable one. Among these is AIRFLOW, a predictable, pain free technology that removes biofilm, stains, and early stage calculus from natural teeth, restorations, and implants.

Preventative dentistry and kids

There is no better way to help kids enjoy the dentist by starting early with regular hygiene visits. We support parents and carers who are teaching their children healthy oral hygiene habits, such as good brushing techniques, daily flossing, and feeling confident to receive a professional clean at that dentist. This sets children and teens up for a lifetime of good oral health and helps them understand that with good habits, it is easy to keep the nasties like decay and gum disease at bay.

We can also identify whether your child may have emerging dental issues. Crowded, impacted, and moving teeth are all concerns that we can help manage, either in our practice or by referral you to a specialist for highly complex issues.

Parents should also keep in mind the Australian Government’s Child Dental Benefit Schedule (CDBS) which covers eligible families for a percentage of annual dental costs. Talk to us about whether you can access this when you book your appointment.

Ready for your best oral health yet?

Wollongong’s best dental clinic? Dapto Family Dental is here for you and your family. Preventative and general dentistry for people living in Dapto, Unanderra, Albion Park, Warilla, Kanahooka, or Horsley. Come and talk to us about getting the smile you want.