In keeping with our guiding principles, we are continually striving to bring our patients the latest and very best in modern dental techniques and technology. As new proven science and innovation emerges, we do the research and bring it back in our practice for you, our patient community. We are currently leaders in the Wollongong region with the suite of technologies we have integrated into our treatments.

3D Imaging

Ideal for developing treatment options for dental implants, braces, and wisdom, 3D imaging assists not only dental professionals, but patients too, as it provides a clear visual on issues and your future smile.

Nitrous oxide

For many patients who feel anxious or fearful about dental treatment, nitrous oxide provides a safe and calming way to receive the dental treatment they need.

Advanced soft/hard tissue laser

Perfect for dental fillings, root canal treatment, and many other treatments, advanced soft/hard tissue laser is revolutionising how patients experience treatments that were once very painful.

Guided implant surgery

Guided implant surgery uses a computer to position implants into the jaw, rather than rely on a ‘best estimate’, sight, or experience of the clinician.

Customized digital orthodontics

Custom Braces provide a precision treatment experience. In the past, traditional braces were positioned using a visual estimate alone.

Airflow - for teeth cleaning

A predictable, pain free technology for cleaning teeth that removes biofilm, stains, and early stage calculus from natural teeth, restorations, and implants – without the painful, abrasive scaling of a traditional dental clean.

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